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Wedding cake

Your wedding cake is more than just a tasty snack for your guests to accompany their coffee; it had a wide variety of functions:

  • A wedding cake forms an important decorative feature at your reception
  • A wedding cake provides a talking point for your guests
  • A wedding cake is the centre of a timeless wedding ritual when you cut it

Wedding cake design

The design of your wedding cake should match the overall look and feel of your wedding. The wedding cake is traditionally displayed during the reception and so it needs to complement your colour scheme, your flowers and any other wedding decorations.

There will also be many photographs of the bride cutting the wedding cake, so it needs to look good with your bridal gown. One fool proof design is a simple cake iced in white, ivory or cream to match your dress, and accessorised with the colour of your bridesmaids dresses.


Wedding cake design is constantly evolving and there are a number of trends to look at before making your final decision. Here are a few current wedding cake trends:

Trend 1 – Cupcakes

Individually iced cup cakes displayed on a cake stand are a contemporary alternative to a traditional wedding cake, and are particularly suited to casual outdoor weddings. Cakes can be decorated with coloured icing and motifs such as butterflies, flowers or hearts to match the wedding theme.

Recently this trend has evolved, and tiered wedding cakes where one or more tiers are made up of tiny individual, fully iced wedding cakes are becoming very popular. The cakes can be of different sizes and flavours and can be designed so there is one for each guest, one for each couple, or one for each family.

Trend 2 – White with a twist

White weddings are increasing in popularity, and the white wedding cake is making a comeback, although many white cakes have a modern twist. A wedding cake that is designed to complement the bride’s gown is particularly in vogue, and these cakes can be decorated in beading, pearls, diamante in the same way as the wedding dress.

One delicious trend for the white wedding cake is to replace the traditional icing with white chocolate, which is a contemporary flavour that can be combined effectively with lemon, raspberry and dark or milk chocolate.

Accessorising your white wedding cake with black cake accessories, black ribbon or iced calligraphy can create a truly dramatic look. A monochrome cake would particularly suit an elegant urban or evening wedding.

Trend 3 – Bold colours and patterns

There is an overall trend towards dramatic wedding colour schemes and bold patterns, and wedding cakes are no exception. Hot pinks and aquas are popular, and polka dots or large simple flowers are fashionable wedding cake patterns.

Trend 4 – Assorted layers

Your wedding cake no longer needs to consist of round tiers of iced fruit cake. For a modern look, stacking different shaped layers on top of one another can be very effective. You can choose a different flavour for each layer of wedding cake to give your guests some variety. Possible flavours include carrot, lemon, toffee, chocolate and coffee, to name just a few.

Trend 5 – Oversized decorations

The fashion for oversized accessories is very evident amongst today’s wedding cake designers. Whether cakes are adorned with fruit, fresh or iced flowers, wide and brightly coloured ribbons, or pieces of sparkling costume jewellery, decorations are generally big and bold.

Wedding cake accessories

When you are setting a budget for your wedding cake, make sure you include any accessories you will need. You may want a decorative knife set to cut your wedding cake, although your venue may be able to provide this for you. Wedding cake toppers depicting the bride and groom are still popular, and can be custom made to look like you and your groom.

If you are going to give your guests a piece of your wedding cake to take home, or if you would like to send slices to invited guests that couldn’t make it, you might want to look at wedding cake boxes. These will keep the wedding cake fresh and protected until your guests are ready to eat it.

Wedding cake on a budget

If you are looking for ways to reduce the cost of your wedding cake, you could consider serving your cake as the dessert at your reception. You could also order a very simple wedding cake and decorate it yourself with your wedding flowers or costume jewellery to match your wedding invitations. If you are having a small wedding but want a large wedding cake as a decorative centrepiece, you could have a couple of fake layers at the base of the cake. You could even have an entirely fake wedding cake, and buy a small simple one to cut up and serve to your guests out of view.

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